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My Magic Wand

My Magic Wand

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The Magic Wand can be used both sides, with a studded wand.

21cm long, 4cm wide.

The fascinating Glass Wand, a unique combination of pleasure and fantasy, is now available. This gorgeous glass dildo is intended to enchant your senses. It is made of excellent, body-safe borosilicate glass and has a stunning clarity that highlights its beautiful curves and elaborate patterns. The Glass Wand transforms into an astonishing instrument with the touch of your hand, capable of opening a world of sensory magic. Its smooth surface glides effortlessly, and the glass's hardness gives gratifying stimulation. The dual-ended design of the wand allows you to explore and enjoy in a wide range of amazing sensations. 

As you unleash your passions, embrace the allure of its translucent beauty. The Glass Wand encourages you to embark on a sensual and self-discovery adventure. Whether you want an exciting single adventure or a group magical encounter, this wand is ready to cast its spell and bring your fantasies to life.

Note: It is critical to prioritize your safety and well-being. Always clean the Glass Wand completely before and after each use, and follow the manufacturer's care and maintenance recommendations.

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