About Us

Esoteric Shop AmberMoon

Amber Moon was established ± 10 years ago, 2013.

We are a cozy esoteric gift shop on Beach road of Gordon’s Bay with a massive variety of crystals, incense, wands, jewelry, tarot cards, singing bowls and so much more.

Our goal is to give our clients the best experience while visiting us and help and give guidance where we can, for those seeking the light and assisting them on their spiritual journey. Although we will never stop seeking or looking for answers it is still a beautiful yet tough path. Our mission is to guide all to find themselves and be the best version of who they truly are.

We are all-powerful beings and have so much inside of us that needs to be explored if only we take the time to believe in ourselves more. Sometimes having a Mentor, Guide, Pointer or even a Master is the best way to start as we all need to start realizing that we need to embark on the awakening process sooner or later. We want to help humanity see that there is more to life than just eat, sleep, work and pay debt. We have a bigger purpose in life and its time to find out what it is.

We are here to help you find your purpose. We all follow the same life process of limited beliefs that have been programmed in us from the day we took our first breath on this planet but its time to break the cycle and realise that everything is achievable when we understand that our beliefs are what holds us back, preventing us from reaching our goals and tapping into our full potential. So our mission is to help everyone who is anyone tap into the Godly being that you are.

We are also here to spread awareness, love, light, happiness, and peace.