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Hem Opium Backflow Incense Cones

Hem Opium Backflow Incense Cones

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A single pack consists of 40 backflow cones. A box contains 12 packs.

Hem Opium Backflow Incense Cones are a special kind of incense made for backflow incense burners. These cones are handcrafted using ancient processes and contain a natural blend of fragrant resins, herbs, and oils. These incense cones' "Opium" smell is noted for its enticing and seductive aroma. It blends earthy and spicy elements to create depth and allure.

Because of the backflow burner's design, when the cones are lighted, they emit a thick and aromatic smoke that flows down in captivating patterns. Backflow incense burners have a hollow chamber at the bottom and a hole at the top. This causes the smoke to fall, providing a spectacular visual effect reminiscent of a flowing waterfall or mysterious fog. The Hem Opium Backflow Incense Cones are designed to induce this hypnotic backflow effect, providing a magical touch to your incense-burning experience. 

These incense cones not only look nice, but they also produce a calming and relaxing ambience. The opium-like aroma is frequently connected with serenity, anchoring, and creating a peaceful environment. It can be used for meditation, yoga, or simply to relax and create a peaceful environment. 

When burning Hem Opium Backflow Incense Cones, an appropriate backflow incense burner that is built to accommodate the downward flow of smoke is required. This ensures that you can completely appreciate the enthralling aesthetic and fragrant impacts of these one-of-a-kind incense cones.

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