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Mookaite (raw/polished)

Mookaite (raw/polished)

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Western Australia is home to the colorful sedimentary rock known as mookaite, commonly referred to as Australian Jasper. It is made of microcrystalline quartz and is renowned for having a wide range of vivid colors, including brown, cream, red, and yellow. The Mooka Creek, where it was initially found, bears the name Mookaite. 

It is thought that this crystal has a variety of healing and grounding ability, and it is commonly cherished for its metaphysical qualities. Including the Root, Solar Plexus, and Third Eye chakras, it creates strength, power, and a strong bond with the planet. One's intuition is supposed to be strengthened by mookaite, which also promotes inner tranquility and stability. Additionally, it is thought to promote creativity and aid in decision-making.

Mookaite is valued for its beauty, energy, and connection to the Earth overall, making it a popular option for both spiritual and ornamental uses.

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